Day Meeting Minutes - 03/22/2022

Brian W. opened the meeting at the Pyramid Event Venue at 12:15pm and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance followed with the Four-Way Test.


Becky G- Rotary Member from Beaver Dam

Student Rotarians

May be an image of 3 people, outdoors and text
  1. Erin Lynd – LMHS – passed 4 way test
  2. Katelyn Kitsembel – LMHS - passed 4 way test
  3. Austin Schwab – LHS – fun fact--currently trying to learn guitar.  

Happy Bucks

  • Greg R.
    • Fort Atkinson Club--sharing stories of his 28 years at Fire Department
    • Tuesday Assembly--bringing a great speaker!!!  Don't miss it!
  • Ken S.
    • 50th Anniversary of his 35th birthday!
    • His granddaughter had her 2nd child on his birthday!
  • Ed H.
    • Combined Concert at LMHS
    • going to Memphis to see Graceland and Grand Ole Opry next week 
  • Tom V.
    • 17 days of skiing on water last year!


Brian W. badge followed him home last week. 


Jack  and Ken S. yesterday;

Tom V. tomorrow

CLUB BUSINESS - Announcements and committee reports

  • Sweet 16-$10 donation
  • Tom Evensen – newer member to our club; transferred from Watertown. Classification speech.
  • Today 3/22 is World Water Day – can donate at
    • 5 years ago we participate in a $45k water project in the Phillippines with other clubs.
    • He visit after it was complete. 
    • Realized how we all take water for granted. 
    • This was a life changing event for the community and was well attended. 
  • Now – Calendar raffle
  • 3/29 – Board meeting – City hall 7am
  • 3/29 – Assembly @ Grist – 5-6pm social; 6 pm dinner; 6:30pm program (DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!)
  • 4/20 – Highway cleanup
  • 4/23 – Post prom--Update by John Black-committee is working on final details and execution. Free bowling for attendees and free admission available for both LMHS and LHS.  Refreshments  Drawings for prizes throughout the night.  Event lasts until 2 am.  
  • 4/29-30 District conference
  • 5/8 – Hanging basket sale
  • 5/21 – RYLA – need drivers with vehicles.  
  • 9/10 – Pyramid Run 5k
Tina Crave the President and CEO of the Watertown Community Health Foundation visited Lake Mills Rotary today.  
The Greater Watertown Community Health Foundation provides funding through Strategic Grants and periodic Open Grant cycles. Grant requests are only accepted during open grant cycles; each open grant cycle and available opportunities are determined by the GWCHF Board of Directors.
Inspire Collaboration and Mobilizing Resources
and encourage innovation that measurably contributes to the well being of our communities.  
The Foundation provided $20,000 for our Dean Sanders' Park Project.  Pam S. and Mick S. have been recently added to the grants committee. 
The Watertown Health Foundation serves most of Dodge and Jefferson County.  Has a role to make sure community needs are met.  An endowment of $100,000,000 is invested in the market and uses funds to invest in and support community health. 
$3-5M budget annually. 
Goal is Reaching higher to create lasting change.  
In past 5 yr. have invested $350k in Lake Mills Community.   
Local Schools
Want to be a changemaker!
Be accountable to making an impact!
Majority of resources are used to fund priorities:
1. strengthen families
2. improve development of kids entering school
3. proficient readers by 3rd grade
4. Mental Health
5. physical activity and nutrition
Watertown has a new expanded Library.  They have invested in the Talk, Read, Play section. 
Workforce housing is another priority.  What can the foundation do to play a role in affecting the availability of affordable housing? 
Inflation rate for supplies to build house is 100% higher than inflation for other goods.  
Median income is $78,000 in our area.  Workforce housing would cover households making $49k-94k. 
Tax credits may be available as a resource to assist. 
They are currently working on a project in Juneau, WI and received a donation of land and a Multi-sector commitment from multiple donors.  This allowed them to request grants and support.  $10.6M grants received!
Affordable Child Care is another area of focus for the Foundation.   It is hard to find quality child care due to lack of facilities.  Hoping to help make an impact in this area.  In Watertown there are 5200 children and 1600 child care spots open in the community.  
72% of families have missed work or been late to work due to lack of quality child care.  The average family is paying $11k annually/child.  This is 3 times higher that what economists recommend a family spends on child care.  They are submitting a grant request for $6M to help fund a child care facilities in Watertown.  One center could host 100 children.  
The foundation is working on getting businesses engaged.  They are bringing employers together and discussing ideas on whether to create their own child care on site or support other existing child care facilities.
You are invited to join the discussions:
-interested in talking more about workforce housing
-working with employers to discuss enhancing child care 
Meeting adjourned 1:00pm
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