Board Meeting Minutes - 03/29/2022 

Attendees: Jenny M, Eli, Jenn, Dan S, Ken S, Brian W
No requests for donations
Lake Mills Rotary Board Meeting
March 29, 2022
City Hall 7AM
  1.  Financial report – Dan--All is good!  
    • Only changes since last meeting, 1 deposit and 5 checks to BIA for lunch.  
  2. Membership
    • 7 new members and 1 upcoming deletion (Ann Lee)
    • Brian W applied for a $1000 membership grant for adding 4 new members that are still member after 4 months
  3. Fundraising
    • Calendar raffle-going well. 
      • Ginger got rid of her 10 right away and asked for 10 more! 
      • Planning to do a Facebook live for drawing and invite participants as guest to zoom. 
      • Will post winners on Facebook page and on website. 
    1. Hanging baskets
      • Flowers arriving around May 3rd.  
      • price went up to $25 each this year
      • Mother's Day is May 8th
    2. Jefferson fair bartending – 7/13-17th
      • we will earn an hourly rate and tips!
  4. International project
    • Approved!  Just need to send funds to International for matching grant.   District to send funds to India
  5. Convention expenses for members
    • Discussed and approved our club paying full cost of registration  and 1/2 of hotel (Regi. $30 each and hotel is approx.$129/night) for 2 participants each year.  
    • Will monitor and adjust if more interest
    • ask attendees to give a full report after participation
    • We currently pay Full registration and Hotel expense for PETS attendees
  6. Speaker program guidelines
    • Recently had a speaker that may had some controversial materials that may have been offensive
    • Discussed importance of speaker being appropriate for all attendees
    • Challenge the Speaker Committee to define appropriate and share with board
  7. Playground update
    • Everything is approved and plans are in motion 
    • Our only responsibility will be to guard the poured in place overnight while it cures.  
  8. Shirts – Aztalan Printing Bid--single color $11@ no setup; 12 minimum pcs.  /  full color – setup $80 - $25@; 24 minimum
    1. Board agreed to order single color $11 each and no setup-12 minimum
    2. Jenn C to coordinate sizes and quantity with Mick S
  9. Scott – President Elect--absent will present next meeting
    1. SWOT recap from surveys
    2. Committee structure--plan to have a committee day at a day meeting monthly or qtrly as needed
    3. Other--should we continue Zoom meetings as an alternative.  Ask the club members. We agree it is a nice convenience if unable to attend in person due to illness or vacation or if working from home.  
  10. Business meeting – April 5th to update on International Project and Playground
  11. Other
    1. Discussed making the Student Rotarians feeling welcome by using the reserved seats and having them sit with Rotarians
    2. Reminder from LMHS that students should be picked up no later than 11:45 am
    3. RYLA
      1. LMASD is allowing us to use 2 school vans to transport students.  Drivers--Pam S. and Mick S (or Beth N) child clearance is in progress.
      2. LMHS 6 students and LLHS 4 students
  12. Upcoming board meetings (all members invited)
    • April 26th
    • May 30th
    • June 28th  
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