Amended Program - History of Rotary 02/01/2022

Thank you to Mick for all his time and efforts in gathering information and presenting us with the history of Rotary.   We found a few details that needed correcting in the 02/01/2022 bulletin.  Here is the update Program notes.  See if you can spot the changes!
Updated 02/01/2022
Lake Mills Rotary Past President, Mick Selck has been doing extensive research and gathering information about the History of Rotary.  He share some interesting details with us today during our meeting.  
Paul Percy Harris was the founder of Rotary. He was born in Racine WI 1868;  second of 6 kids.  He moved to lived with his maternal grandparents in Vermont.  He had a difficult time in school.  He was a prankster.  He was even kicked out of his first college for being a member of a "secret society". 
He moved to Des Moines, IA to get his degree as a an attorney.  Many different jobs during this time...Actor, Attorney, Marble installer, and even Cowboy.  
In 1896, Harris moved to Chicago and was a practicing attorney. He met his wife Jean Thomason and married after 3 months.  Bought a home and named their house Comely Bank.  They lived there from 1912-1947.   
There is a Statue of Paul Harris in Mexico, he is on a stamp in Brazil, and multiple books have been written about him. 
On Feb 23, 1905 Paul met his friends Silvester Schiele for dinner and talked about forming a social club.   Shortly after, they met with Hiram Shorey and Gus Loehr and formed an unnamed club.  Eventually, Harry Ruggles, AL White and Jenson joined them to form the first Rotary.    The first meeting was held at Gus Loehr's office, Room 711 of the Unity Building in Chicago, IL.  The original building has been torn down, but Room 711 has been rebuilt and can be seen at the Rotary World Headquarters in Evanston, IL.  
The 1st President of Rotary was Silvester Schiele.  It was his idea to have the new members speak and introduce themselves.  We still do this today.
Harry Ruggles was the 1st treasurer.  He published the 1st Rotary Magazine and the 1st Rotary song book.  These songs were sung regularly at meetings until the early 2000's.  
Charles Newton was the originator of the luncheon.  We love this idea! 
Gus Loehr was a charter member and dropped out after only a few years.  
In 1905, the Rotary had 21 members all from different industries.  Did not use titles, only first names.  This puts everyone on an even playing field.   
It was established early that we must perform a civic service.  The 1st couple of projects were: 
1.  To build a comfort station (public bathroom) outside the City Hall
2.  Buy a horse for country doctor
In, 1908 Rotary went National!  
World Headquarters is located in Chicago, IL.
Only 12 people have held the general secretary for Rotary.  1 gentleman held position for over 30 years.       
The Wagon Wheel Rotary Emblem changed overtime.  Started as a 1924 the symbol we use today was adopted.
MOTTOs over the years....
"He profits most who serves best. "
"Services not self.  He who profits most will serve best."
Our Motto today...."Service above self"
Superior was the 1st Rotary in Wisconsin, followed by Milwaukee, and then Madison. 
In 1913  International Convention they helped support the Flood in Dayton OH.
Arch Klumph--gave the 1st donation to the Rotary Foundation.      
At the 1923 Rotary Convention, President Harding addressed the Rotary Club as a key speaker.  
The 4 way test was implemented in 1932.
Is it the truth?
Is it fair to all concerned?
Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
Is it beneficial to all concerned? 
Since 1945, Rotary International has worked with the United Nations.    
In 1945, could not have groups over a certain size, so the convention was broken up in to 3 groups.  
Stay tuned next week for the History of Lake Mills Rotary

Meeting adjourned 1:00pm

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