Day Meeting Minutes - 06/21/2022

The scheduled meeting at the Rotary Park was moved to the Pyramid Event Venue due to heat advisory. 
Brian W. opened the meeting at the Pyramid Event Venue at 12:15pm and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance followed with the Four-Way Test.


Andy Barnes 2nd reading

Student Rotarians


Happy Bucks

Mick S.
  • Annual fishing trip with his boys. Caught a lot of fish. 
  • 6.5 working days left! Who's counting?!?!
  • Night out against crime tonight (taser demonstration...any volunteers?)
  • Dunk tank at Sat. 1 pm---come dunk him!!!
Tom V.
  • Great trip!  Glad to be back.
Scott T
  • Kids played on the new Dean Sanders and give it a "10".  The slide is FAST!
Raina S
  • Town and Country Days
    • Marshalls are the 2021 volunteers of the year Jim, Grant, & Hope 
    • Jenn and Mick are Royalty--coronation at noon June 25th  at Pyramid Event Venue
  • Brew with Bingo Fundraiser
  • Thursday is the Golf Outing--thank you to Aaron for chairing the event. 
Jason D
  • Happy to have known Margo Peters
 Brian B
  • Son and daughter (50 cents each Happy Buck) happy to have won R in the Calendar raffle 
Pam S
  • Dean Sander's daughter was engaged over the weekend.  Her fiance engaged to her on the bridge over looking the new Dean Sanders Playground at Bartle's Beach



Karen, John Black, Aaron

CLUB BUSINESS - Announcements and committee reports

  • Notification from District that we won $1,000 for new members this year.  Task new members to come up with project.  Nine (don't limit to $1000...may have other grants we can apply for)
  • Calendar raffle draw –  Agency Insurance
    • $100-148-Ty Neupert
    • $50-110-Sally Kressin
    • $50-244 Ann Lee
    • $50-140-Ronald Michaells
    • $50-006-Ken Stetson
  • Concession report – volunteers for this evening.  update from Pam S
    • Next Monday both shift
    • Tuesday both shifts
    • Sunday June 26th (make-up game)
    • One person can stay gloved and handle food, the other can handle the cash
    • What do we sell (can only reheat food, can not?
      • hot dogs
      • brats
      • nachos and cheese
      • popcorn
      • candy bars, suckers
      • gatorade, water, soda
      • ice cream
      • freezer
    • open the front, put the sign out, wipe down counters, tip jar
    • Money bag is kept at Dan's office (open till 5 pm).  1st shift #1 person on the shift is responsible for picking up.  Second Shift #1 person on the shift drops off to Dan by Noon next day.
    •   Clean up
      • 3 tubs (wash, rinse, sanitize)
      • wash down all surfaces
      • consolidate the garbage and place in the large can out front.  
  • 5K – 9/10th – need sponsors(see the flyer)
  • Jefferson Co Fair – bartending – July 7/16th Sat 8:30pm -12am – 
  • Reminder June 29th 1-3pm @ City Hall – Mick’s retirement
  • Parade – 6/25th Janine, Karen – Jenny, Beth, Brian, Carol and 
  • Lineup check-in with Raina at Lake Park Place.  Parade starts at 10:30 am.  adverting the 5k and passing out Lolli Pops
Scott Tellefson and Jenny McAdow presented awards for the 2021/2022 Rotary Year. 
Outgoing Board Members 2021/2022
  1. President Brian Watson
  2. President Elect Scott Telelfson
  3. Immediate Past President Mick Selck
  4. Treasurer Dan Sanft
  5. Secretary Jenn Christian
  6. Director Ken Stetson
  7. Recording Secretary Jenny McAdow
  8. Member-at-Large Eli Wedel
Incoming Board Members 2022/2023
  1. President Scott Tellefson

  2. President Elect Jenny McAdow

  3. Immediate Past President Brian Watson

  4. Treasurer Dan Sanft

  5. Secretary Jenn Christian

  6. Director  Ken Stetson

  7. Recording Secretary Raina Severson

  8. Member-at-Large-TBA

Committee Chairs
Thank you to everyone who chaired a committee!
New Members
  1. Beth and Jason Dunn

  2. Mark Hanke

  3. Linda Jeffers

  4. Kyra Lostetter

  5. Beth Naughton

  6. Ginger Ramsey

  7. Emily Watson

  8. Raina Severson

Interact Board Members
  1. President-Katrina Breaker

  2. Vice President-Carolyn Hanrahan

  3. Secretary-Kaitlyn Twesme

  4. Chloe Thompson-Treasurer

  5. Director-Cooper Sigmund

  6. Director-Meghann Christian

Recruitment Award
  1. Scott Tellefson

  2. Eli Wedel

  3. Jenny McAdow

  4. Brian Watson

  5. Jenn Christian x2

Immediate Impact Award

This award is given to a newer member of less than 3 years who has stepped up to contribute and fill club responsibilities.  Past Recipients: 2021 Dan S, 2020 Brian B, 2019 Jenn C.

  • 2022 Winner: Jenny McAdow

    • Joined Rotary Dec 2020

    • Became recording secretary in June 2021, 6 months after joining the club

    • Involved on the board 

    • Agreed to president elect in less than 2 years of membership 

    • Went to PETS the year before she even needed to  

    • Organized the triathlon service event

Behind the Scenes Award

This award is given to a member whose efforts may go unseen, but are still substantial.  Past Recipients: 2021 Jenn, 2020 Greg, 2019 Eli

  • 2022 Winner: Pam Streich

    • She Worked directly with Laurie Sanders to determine type of project the family would support

    • Worked the TT’s fundraising event

    • Sought out funding through contacts known to Dean

    • Assisted in playground design concept and location selection

    • Liaison with Sanders Family to keep updated and involved

    • Numerous emails in regard to coordination

    • Worked with family on the signage

    • Wrote an article for the paper

    • Worked with Jeff.  Between the two of them they kept pushing the project to become larger than originally suggested.  They had the vision about how big this could become.

    • Created  google doc to track $

    • Guarded the park

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Outstanding Contribution Award

This award is given to a member who has stood out in the last year with outstanding contributions to the club.  Past recipients 2021 Eli, 2020 Amy, 2019 Mitch

  • 2022 Winner: Mick Selck
    • Continued involvement after his presidency 
    • taking on the history project involved hours and days of work
    • Cleaning out and organizing storage shed, tracked down lost items
    • creation of the presidents manual that will be handed down each year, 
    • Helped found and chair the new DEI committee
    • involvement as assistant district governor
    • Organizing zoom and in person meetings between presidents in our area 
    • Attended PETS and the district conference
    • instrumental in the fundraising for bartels beach playground ( i believe he was responsible for getting some of the larger grants from the hospital foundations)
    • Presented the plan to city council
    • ALL done after his presidency!
Perfect(ish) Attendance Award

This award recognizes the club member with the highest attendance rate.  Includes day meetings, evening assemblies, and makeups.  -

  • Tie to Brian Watson and Ed Heimstreet - 91.3%
Anniversary Awards

John Black - 35 years

Thank you to all Rotarians for your commitment and contributions to help make an impact in our community and in the world!

Meeting adjourned 1:00pm

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