Day Meeting Minutes - 6/29/21

Mick opened the meeting at the Pyramid Event Venue at 12:15pm and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance followed with the Four-Way Test.


Gabby Eller, working with Countryside Jewelry

Student Rotarians


Happy Bucks

  • Brian B - Glad to be back to meetings, chamber of commerce for organizing parade, fines for picture in the paper
  • Amy - TY to chamber board for the parade.  To Tom, Janine, Jenny for the rotary float
  • Greg - His novel brought in another international book award.  TY to mick and rotary board for a great year
  • Ed - Neighbor Dee Elliot.  For the rotary year
  • Tom - Car didnt overheat.  Granddaughter visiting now for a few weeks is going great
  • Aaron - Happy to be here in person.  A month ago his youngest graduated high school.  Chaired the chamber of commerce golf outing and raised a ton of money.
  • Mick - Night out against crime and to the volunteers from citizens police academy.  Thankful for a fairly quiet weekend at the station during T/C Day weekend.  Also had a good time at the concession stand


Brian B


Ed - 17th year with Rotary

CLUB BUSINESS - Announcements and committee reports

  • Night Club - July 7th at 7:00pm at Tyranena Brewery.  Meeting with Jefferson Co Drug Free Coalition.   Also a district chair for the rotary foundation will be attending.
  • Concession stand needs 1 on wednesday and a few openings next week
  • Joker Draw - Ed, joker lives

Rotary Year In Review

  1. July- December 2020 six months- One of the only clubs meeting in person
Here is what Rotary Accomplished:
  1. Dan Sanft took over for Brain Benisch as Treasurer
    1. Awarded 11 scholarships at Korth Park for $18,000
    2. Meeting at Pyramid- again thank you Eli and Jillian
    3. RYLA Cancelled
    4. Wine and Beer Cancelled
    5. Retooled for Car Raffle and raised over $19,000
    6. Russ got the Rotary shelter repainted
    7. Meal changes to individual vs buffet.  Scott managed it all on-line.
    8. Added BIA as a regular meal provider
    9. Two members Jim Brey and Dean Sanders passed away
    10. Dedicated the Rotary Park Shelter to Jim Brey
    11. Nov 1, 66 years as a club
    12. Still amazed by the Christmas Party- nice work Jenn
    13. Jenn recognized as the Rotary “Yes person” and is I a drawing to go to the International Conference
    14. Donated 500 WALK in the Philippines
    15. Donated $500 Water project in Philippines
    16. Partnered with Optimist $500+ helped 37 families 92 kids
    17. Had many speakers many of which received donations
    18. Adopt a grandparent program
    19. Four Paul Harris- Tom Vinz, Brian Watson, Dave Roedl, (Dr. Wishau)
    20. New Member Zack Tolzmann Corporate American Family Insurance, Sarah Weihert, Tara Topel, Rob and Kim from Dog and Shrub,
    21. We won a Rotary Citation for being awesome!!
    22. Virtual Visit from our Governor
    23. Virtual International Conference where our own Randy Otto was the MC as Winston Churchill
    24. Elected our 2022-2023 President Scott Tellefson and our New recording Secretary Jenny MacAdow
    25. Had 15 Junior Rotarians selected from LM Public and Lakeside and attend in person
    26. Three board meetings…
    27. To my knowledge not a single case of COVID from our group meetings
  2. January to July 1, 2021
    1. Foundation meetings 2
    2. Board Meetings 3
    3. Dean Sanders Playground project went from $5,000-$42,000 and climbing
    4. 2 grants written (playground Equipment and New Members)
    5. Request for information from the district on how we managed to recruit so many people
    6. 15 Student Rotarians
    7. 23 Presentations, 4 administrative meetings including the Awards presentation last week
    8. Our investment fund topped $100,000 for the first time!
    9. Re-wrote Bi-Laws
    10. Re-Wrote Constitution
    11. Changed our legal representative from Jay Smith to Nicole Froehl
    12. Updating membership packets
    13. Adopted a 2 mile stretch of Hwy 89 and did two clean ups
    14. Night Club has had approximately 12 evening meetings- 1 was a cookout at Korth Park
    15. 3 assemblies (first was virtual with interact, one with Winston Churchill and the last one with the Chamber of Commerce)
    16. Created three new Committees:  Environment, Mentoring, History
    17. Courses attended:  Brian and Scott PETS, Gerard Grants, I attended District Conference, Ann did---
    18. Sandee Macht presented at the District Conference
    19. WASH Project in the Philippines was completed
    20. Hanging basket sale fundraiser, about $5,000
    21. Night Club organized Pyramid Run for the Rock Lake Free Clinic and 8 sponsors on board already, on line sales up and running
    22. Budget completed and approved
    23. Switched to BIA as sole food provider
    24. Started process for India cow project
    25. Ended COVID restrictions on Joker Draw and Birthday Raffle at end of April
    26. Presented at two separate scholarship nights, gave out 6 scholarships in total for $11,000:  Julia Neuberger at Lakeside, @ LMHS Presented very first Dean Sanders Memorial Scholarship to Taylor Roughen, scholarships at Lake Mills to: Quentin Saylor, Evert Karlan, Kia Heimstreet, Molly Williams
    27. Made Gene Hasel an Honorary Member
    28. LM Show Choir performance at High school May 11th, first in person performance for them since COVID
    29. Paul Harris Awards to Steve Wilke, Mick Selck
    30. Updating Wallace Park Signage
    31. Updating the South city entrance signs (Wrap  8-10 years for $1,065) Replacement sign from Slewfoot:
    32. Believe Karen has started the ball rolling a little bit to get us back into the youth exchange program that has been dormant for many years.
    33. Rotary entered a float in the parade for the first time in many years.

ting adjourned 1:00pm

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