Day Meeting Minutes - 6/22/21

Mick opened the meeting at the Pyramid Event Venue at 12:15pm and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance followed with the Four-Way Test.



Student Rotarians


Happy Bucks

  • Amy - Carnival rides are arriving in town!
  • Greg - Grandaughters wedding was planned to be in Mexico last year in June, but was cancelled due to covid.  Last Saturday, they held the ceremony at their dream location.  
  • John Bauman- Hadn't seen graddaughter in a year and a half but they are visiting next week
  • Randy - Son Max graduated from Edgewood College Magna Cum Laude with a degree in accounting.  Randy is also planning a new play for Sept 3oth - Defending Liberty
  • Mick - Booked his cruise in December, which has been cancelled twice




Aaron Genthe

Gene Hasel - 24 years with Rotary

Karen Reimer - 4 years with Rotary

CLUB BUSINESS - Announcements and committee reports

  • Joker Draw: Mitch, Joker lives
  • Birthday Raffle: Scott, Gerard, Denny, Mitch
  • Tomah Rotary Club - ATV/UTV Rally event Sept 17-18, fundraising event
  • TY Note from Quentin Saylor
  • Example playground flooring was passed around the room.  Potential rubber flooring for Bartels beach
  • Janine - Updated 2021-2022 speaker signup is being passed around.  Please sign up or talk to Janine to help brainstorm ideas.
  • Concession Stand Signup is being circulated.  They need someone Wednesday and Monday.
  • City Band Concert - 6:30pm tomorrow.  We are sponsoring.  We need help handing out ice cream cups.  
  • Rotary polo order is going around again.  
  • Amy - Parade float for rotary is looking good.  Jenny, Karen, Tom, Sandy, Amy, and Mick are all in the float.  They are lining up between 9 and 10:15 on Lake Park place.  Number 48.  Wear a rotary shirt if you have one.  Or you can wear a rotary apron.  We have magnetic signs for Toms car.  Anyone else can join.
Rotary Awards Program
  1.  Introduction 

    1. Welcome to the 3rd annual Lake Mills Rotary awards ceremony

    2. This ceremony will take place at the end of each Rotary year.

    3. The purpose of the ceremony is to recognize the efforts of rotarians non-monetary contributions to the club.  

      1. Paul Harris Awards are given for monetary contributions to rotary

      2. The honorary paul harris award is given for service, but the club must accumulate points for this, so it’s given very selectively

    4. This award ceremony is broken into two parts

      1. Recognitions - Here we will recognize the rotarians who have served the club through a leadership position

      2. Awards - Here we have selected recipients to receive individual awards of various categories

  1. Recognitions 

    1. First, I would like to have all of our outgoing board members stand to be recognized.  Board members meet once per month in the morning to help guide the direction of the club. They discuss the budget, potential projects, strategic discussions on the direction of the club, membership, and sift through many requests for donations.  Many email discussions often follow throughout the month on various topics.  Thank you for going the extra mile!

      1. President Mick Selck

      2. President Elect Brian Watson

      3. Immediate Past President Dave Roedl

      4. Treasurer Dan Sanft

      5. Secretary Jenn Christian

      6. Director Ken Stetson

      7. Recording Secretary Scott Tellefson

      8. Member-at-Large Eli Wedel

    2. Have stand: incoming board

      1. President Brian Watson

      2. President Elect Scott Tellefson

      3. Immediate Past President Mick Selck

      4. Treasurer Dan Sanft

      5. Secretary Jenn Christian

      6. Director  Ken Stetson

      7. Recording Secretary Jenny McAdow

      8. Member-at-Large Eli Wedel

      1. We look forward to your leadership

  1. Next, I would like to recognize everyone who has served as as a committee head.  

    1. Committees are where the bulk of the work gets done for the various events throughout the year.  Many committees meet outside club meeting times, in the mornings, evenings, or weekends to lead the way on various projects and events.  Committees are also the most direct way to have an influence on the club’s activities.  If you volunteer for something, you quickly become in charge of it!  If you have chaired a committee, please stand and be recognized. 

  1. Aaron Genthe

    1. Paul Harris

    2. Audit

    3. Christmas Neighbors

  2. Jenn Christian

    1. RYLA

    2. Concession Stand

    3. Holiday Party

    4. Awards Program

  3.  Thomas Vinz

    1. Member Recruitment

  4. John Black

    1. Officer Nominations

    2. Post Prom

    3. Wine and Beer Event

  5. Greg Renz

    1. Meeting Setup and Cleanup

  6. Ann Lee

    1. RYLA

  7. Amy Litscher

    1. Youth Protection

    2. Car Raffle

  8. Scott Tellefson

    1. Meal Orders

    2. Local Projects

    3. Awards Program

  9. James Wishau

    1. Lake Mills Rotary Foundation Board

  10. Kenneth Stetson

    1. Concession Stand

  11. John Baumann

    1. Literacy Council

  12. Edward Heimstreet

    1. Student Rotarian Pickup

    2. Scholarships

    3. Interact

    4. Rotary International Projects

  13. Eli Wedel

    1. Marketing

    2. Website & Social Media

  14. Brian Watson

    1. Hanging Baskets

  15. Karen Riemer

    1. Student Exchange

  16. Janine Fixmer

    1. Programs

  1.  New members are important to our organization and mission.  They are what ensure that the traditions and values of rotary continue on through future generations.  As we have heard from the rotary district, this is one area in which we excel.  While other clubs are shrinking in membership, we are continuing to attract skilled and dedicated residents to our cause. 

    1. Would the following people please stand 

      1. Nancy Boebel

      2. Ryan Grady

      3. Jenny McAdow

      4. Tonya Olson

      5. Dan Sanft

      6. Tara Topel

      7. Sarah Weihert

      8. Rob Campbell

      9. Jennifer Jeschke

      10. Lindsey Lang

  1. Thank you for joining our club and contributing your knowledge, expertise, and time to our efforts

  1.  Next, we want to recognize members of the Interact Club at Lake Mills High School.  The Interact club acts to extend rotary values of service above self into our schools and youth.  In the last rotary year, we were happy to contribute to various projects of the Lake Mills Interact club.  It is our goal as a club to continue to support interact, as well as develop deeper connections with the club.

    1. Outgoing board

      1. Advisor Jen Iverson

      2. President: Libby Porter

      3. Vice-President: Kurtis Nelson

      4. Secretary: Maddie Stewart

      5. Treasurer:  Lauren Winslow

      6. Higher Officers: Shannon Waters & Everett Karlen

    2. Incoming board - 

      1. Advisor Betsy Hirschfield

      2. President: Katrina Breaker 

      3. Vice President: Carolyn Hanrahan

      4. Secretary: Kaitlyn Twesme

      5. Treasurer: Chloe Thompson

      6. Higher Officers: Meghann Christian & Cooper Sigmund

  1. Awards

    1.  Recruitment Awards - The best way to grow any organization is word of mouth referrals.  Thank you to ALL members who have had conversations with others about coming to a meeting to see what Rotary is all about.  Here are the members who successfully recruited a new member in the last year. 

      1. Mitch Evelund (Nancy) 

      2. Tom Vinz (Lindsey Lang)

      3. Dennis Hawkes (Sarah Weihert)

      4. Pam Streich (Tonya Olson)

      5. Jennifer Jeschke (Tara Topel)

  1.  Outstanding Contribution - This award is given to a member who has stood out in the last year with outstanding contributions to the club.

    1. Eli

      1. In the year of covid, Eli opened a brand new business focusing on food and entertainment.  He offered us a new home for our meetings when the EMS building was still closed to us.  

      2. He made accommodations to allow for in person meetings, which very few clubs across the state were doing.  Including setting up / cleaning up

      3. He has made audio / video work better than ever for our meetings.  Recall all the fussing with our old projector and speaker system?

      4. Enabled the option to record our meetings or presentations with professional equipment

      5. Expanded drink options with our meals

      6. Provides us with the majority of the website content and updating as well as the club email.

      7. Creates our marketing/advertisement designs and posters

      8. Manages our clothing design and orders

  1.  Behind the Scenes - This award is given to a member whose efforts may go unseen, but are still substantial 

    1. Jenn

      1. Board Position - Secretary

        1. Handles Correspondence / checks PO box

        2. Manages club runner

        3. Handles member dues and meeting attendance

        4. Orders certificates, pins, new membership packets

        5. Maintains club badges

        6. Attempts to keep the storage unit organized 

        7. Works between Club and RI

        8. Lots of “as needed” work

        9. Committee chairs: 

          1. RYLA

          2. Concession Stand

          3. Holiday Party

          4. Awards Program

        10. Concession stand management / signup

        11. The “go to” for many questions regarding how things work

        12. Received recognition from District Governor Bill Pritchard as our club’s “Yes Person”

        13. Thank you Jenn

  1.  Immediate Impact Award - This award is given to a newer member of less than 3 years who has stepped up to contribute and fill club responsibilities 

    1. Dan Sanft

      1. Took the board position of treasurer within his first year of being a member

      2. Treasurer is a very time and skill intensive position.  Having Dan in this role with his professional experience is a huge asset to our club.

      3. Roles of the treasurer

        1. Make Weekly deposits to bank account as needed

        2. Pay any expenses as needed

        3. Maintain financial accounting of income and expenses in QuickBooks 

        4. Reconcile bank accounts monthly 

        5. File quarterly sales tax returns with Wisconsin Department of Revenue 

        6. Prepare Annual form 990, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax 

        7. Prepare annual budget 

        8. Financial Report for presentation at Board Meeting 

        9. Thank You Dan

  1.  Perfect (ish) Attendance -  This award recognizes the club member with the highest attendance rate.  Includes day meetings, evening assemblies, and makeups. 

    1. Eli - 93%

    2. Honorable mentions

      1. Jenn, Mick, Tom, and Scott at 91%

  1.  Anniversary Award (5 year milestones after 25 years) - 

    1. Dennis Hawkes - 55 years - joined 10/19/1965

    2. Tom Vinz - 35 years - joined 1/1/1986

      1. Also is the third longest serving rotarian of our club!

    3. Mike Sweeney (last year hit 30) 1/1/1989

Meeting adjourned 1:00pm

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