Day Meeting Minutes - 02/15/2022

Brian W. opened the meeting at the Pyramid Event Venue at 12:15pm and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance followed with the Four-Way Test.


Ginger Ramsey's third reading today--next week induction
Karen Zucker from Nicole's office

Student Rotarians

May be an image of 3 people, outdoors and text
  • Gabby Mahr – LM High School – 4 way test-passed
  • Jaque Fernandez – LM High School – fun fact -still has to sleep with a night light on!
  • Sydney Williams – LM High School – fun fact--Seahawks/Vikings fan.  Raised an anti Packers Fan. 
  • Doug Weittenhiller – Lakeside – fun fact--he is actually Douglas Weittenhiller III.  
Happy Bucks
  • Brian W-
    • thanks to Mick S. running
    • Florida Vacation--Early Bird
  • Tonya O.
    • Girls Basketball clinched Conference Championship
  • Tara T
    • Bye for Volleyball--
    • went to Story telling event at Crawfish Junction--Great food!
    • 13 week accelerator program-- expanding her horizons
    • Things are moving along great on the south side project!!
  • Scott T.
    • SOS activated on his phone...Lake Mills Police showed at his house pretty quick
  • Pam S
    • Husband was ill on vacation called a surgeon at Disney and when returned got advise
    • Chamber and Main Street merger is going well.  Love Lake Mills newsletter...would love feedback. Community Calendar is up and running and anyone can add events. 




Jen J. Feb. 14th
Nicole next Monday the 21st
Next week Birthday raffle for Feb – Jenn, Dan, and Nicole, Jen. J

CLUB BUSINESS - Announcements and committee reports

  • Induction of new member – Emily Watson
  • Board meeting yesterday
    • Main topic was fundraising.  Had $20,000 budgeted for beer wine tasting – no go.  Car raffle – no cars. Going to do calendar raffle.  $100 per ticket – payouts over April – June--lots of chances to win!  
    • Also agreed to an opportunity with Jefferson Rotary to bartend at Jefferson County Fair – 7/13th -17th.  $10/hr plus share tips.
  • The night group will meet tomorrow night at Tyranena Brewery at 6pm.   5k race date, 9/10/2022, and course to begin and end at Commons Park. Discuss Sponsorships
  • Committees
    1. RYLA
    2. Post Prom
    3. Scholarship--applications are activated.  Deadline is 03/31 for LMHS and First Friday of April for LLHS
    4. Hanging baskets
Janine Fixmer introduced the guest speaker  BJ Ermenc,  She is a member of the Hearing Loss Association of American and Co-chair of Milwaukee Chapter she is passionate about helping educate people about how to recognize hearing loss and ways to cope & manage.  
BJ opened with 2 questions...
1. Can you all hear me?
2.  Is there anyone who can not understand me?
The majority of people can hear that someone is talking but can not understand the words.  
We hear with our brain not just our ears and we communicate with our hearts.  
Blindness cuts us off from things
Deafness cuts us off from people
                                             ---Heller Keller
She has been a Wauwatosa resident since 2000. 
She had moderate hearing loss in 1991.  She could not understand words with state of the art hearing aids.  They only amplify.  In 2017  she had bilateral cochlear implant recipient. She is grateful that someone took the time to explain to her how this would help! 
She has been a Member of Wauwatosa Commission for Person with Disabilities and Member of HLAA since 2016

You can visit for resources regarding hearing loss. 

HLAA is the leading organization representing people with hearing loss.  They do not sell anything.  They support, educate, advocate and lobby for those with hearing loss. HLAA provides a tremendous support for people with hearing loss.

What is hearing loss?

The inability to hear and understand sounds/voices in one or both ears.  Levels range from complete deafness to decreased ability to hear and understand sounds.  Tinnitus(ringing, buzzing, clicking or other sounds from un explained origin) interferes with ability to hear and understand sounds/voices.

Some Statistics

48 millions people in US suffer from hearing loss.  65% of them are under age 65.  Millennials are the fastest growing demographic for hearing loss.  Even a mild hearing loss can cause a child to miss as much as 50% of classroom discussion.  Hearing loss can be a career ending disability for military personnel.   

How to recognize possible hearing loss

Do you...

often ask people to repeat themselves?

have trouble understanding in groups, loud restaurants?

think people are talking too fast or that they are mumbling?

have difficulty understanding people on the phone?

have trouble hearing your alarm clock?

have difficulties hearing at the movies?

have difficulty hearing people behind your or in another room?

Causes of hearing loss...

Environment...Loud noises, fireworks, gun shot, work equipment, hairdryer 

Aging-but may occur at any age

Illness such as meningitis

Sudden hearing loss

Family history

Pre-existing conditions

Medications!  Ask your doctor are any of the side effects hearing loss.  Is there an alternate medication?  You can visit the website....

to learn about medications that may have side effects that may affect your hearing. 


Why is untreated hearing loss dangerous?

Leads to isolation

Causes frustration, irritability, negativity, defensiveness, and anger

Can contribute to fatigue, tension, stress, and depression

Alters, distorts, & contributes to incomplete or incorrect communication

Impairs memory & cognition

Reduces Alertness and increase risk of personal safety (FORE!)

Can cause social rejection, loneliness and feelings of low self-esteem

Increase person's risk of falling by 30%!  50% of brain processing power required just to understand words!  People with normal hearing only requires 5%.  Wisconsin is #1 in falling related deaths.  

Contributes to mental health diseases such Alzheimer's and dementia

How can you tell if someone has hearing loss?

Do they ask "what?" a lot?

Do you notice others smiling and nodding rather than speaking or difficulty following the conversation?

Are they complaining frequently that you or others mumble?

Make excuses not to go out with friends or family?


What to do?

Get your ears checked by your primary physician.  If not a physical problem, get your hearing checked by an audiologist.

DO NOT WAIT!  majority of people wait 7-10 years before take action!


Non-Hearing Aid Devices may also help....

Assistive Listening Devices (ALD)--pocket talker, amplified phones, radio/telephone earphones, buzzers, and lighted alert devices and caption phones (for internet and land lines)

HEAR Wisconsin, Hearing Loss Assoc. of America & other resources offer education for understanding & coping with hearing loss. 

Tips for communicating with someone with hearing loss and other helpful resources can be found by visiting

If you have questions or need assistance you may also contact BJ by email at 

Thank you to BJ for sharing your knowledge and passion with Lake Mills Rotary Club!


Meeting adjourned 1:00pm

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