Day Meeting Minutes - 08/31/2021

Brian Watson opened the meeting at the Pyramid Event Venue at 12:15pm and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance followed with the Four-Way Test
Lake Mills Rotary Meeting Agenda
Pyramid Event Venue
  1. Introduction of visiting Rotarians and guests-
    • District Governor Karen Herbert
    • Student Rotarian-Laura Lostetter senior at Lakeside Lutheran
  2. Happy bucks and fines
  • Greg Renz-speaker at first responders symposium great conference (discussed PTSD, depression, treatment, counseling, etc)
  • Brian Benisch-Sunflowers blown over in the recent storms.  Brian and friends raised $1000 to give to kids for their donation to American Legion.  "Do good things...good things will come back to you".
  • Karen Reimer-thank you for rotary!  Led to other relationships.  Brian B. for helping her with her dog. Updating the website to reflect change in ownership since Bill's passing. 
  • Ed Heimstreet-scholarship winner update Kya Heimstreet-moved into college in the big apple.  Also Happy to have Rotarian Students returning to club this week.     
  1. Joker draw--no joker draw-donate $3 to the club
  2. Birthdays – Becky 9/4th – Saturday
  3. Mitch beginning 7th yr in Rotary on 2nd; Mick beginning 5th yr in Rotary on 6th
  4. Birthday raffle drawing – Mick, Mike, Jenny last week.  Remember to bring your raffle item for the winner next week. 
  5. New member transfer – Tom  
  6. Correspondence and announcements
    1. Sept 7th – Pyramid will be closed; Rotary picnic at Rotary park @ noon
    2. Tomorrow eve – Evening group meeting @ Tyranena Brewery,  Oct 9th 5K fun run – need runners/walkers – benefits Rock River Health Coalition
    3. Highway cleanup – we need 4 volunteers for 2 hrs to finish.
    4. Playground report – Saturday night fundraiser--Aaron Genthe  reported....Brett Sanders and Kara Sanders also bartended. Standing room only!!!  Largest fundraiser for guest bartender night at TT's.  50/50 raised $800, $400 bbq sandwiches, $200 Tina, $3000 cash donations--total $4400!!!  Tina thank you to Mitch for donations from the Market!!!
    5. Board meeting - highlights
    • Cancel 2022 Beer & Wine Event-due to COVID, low supplies and short staffed vendors---Do a Car Raffle again in October.  
    • March Calendar Raffle-who would like to join this committee?
  7. Committee reports
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​concession signup going around and online. thank you for your help!
  8. Speaker – District Gov Karen Hebert
    1. ​​​​​"Together We"-districts mission is to strengthen and supports clubs.   Great job to Lake Mills for being self sufficient during the Pandemic.  Lives in Chippewa Falls, WI.  Rotarian since 1989.  
    2. Service Above Self
    3. I value fellowship. I value leadership. I value integrity.   I value diversity. I value service...What we give and what we do will be a natural extension of all of that!
    4. Be empowered...Commit! (you're Phil  Mickelson)
      • when we believe in ourselves and commit. we show up like champions
    5. How can we help Rotary grow to make an even bigger impact?
  • Each ONE bring ONE.---share your Rotary Life with your neighbor and invite to a meeting
  • Greet at Guest
  • Engage a Guest
  • Write down the names of three people who shares Rotary Mission and values.
  • Invite one person to join you at a meeting this year. 
  • Invite someone to join any are club or our newest virtual club
  • Help start a new club  
  • Grow More Do More--Rotary Grant match 80 cents for every $1
  1. Commit-ways to give back 
    • Become a Paul Harris Member
    • Join the EREY $100 commitment
    • Give $_x_ per year
    • Give min. $10 per year via Rotary Direct
  2. Rotary vision-Unite and Take Action Create Lasting Change (don't give up)
  3. END POLIO NOW--all of us stepping in for lasting change.  Polio Plus History-
  • 105 years ago in NYC 
  • 84 yrs. ago--artificial iron lung was invented
  • 53 yrs. ago oral polio vaccine 
  • 36 yrs. ago Rotary promised to eradicate polio from the world
  • 21 yrs. ago Americas were declared polio free
  • 6 yrs-south East Asia polio free
  • 1 yr. ago Africa polio free
  • only 200 cases of polio in the world-last year
  • Gates Foundation matches every $1 with $2
  • Be Collaborative​​​​
  • Important District Rotary Dates:
    1. International Day of Service October 4th-Oct. 10th
    2. Vibrant Club Workshops Sept 22
    3. Grant Management Seminars-Winter
    4. TriCon District Conference 2022 April 29-30th Osthoff at Elkhart Lake

Meeting adjourned 1:00pm

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