Day Meeting Minutes - 1/12/21

 Mick opened the meeting at the Pyramid Event Venue at 12:15pm and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance followed with the Four-Way Test.



Student Rotarians



LMHS-2 older brothers

Family owns Fiberdome

Basketball-trip to state last year!

Cross country team -4 yrs. To state

Looking forward to Soccer season (did not have one last year)

Enjoys art. Volunteers with church and art.

Plans to go to UW -Madison




2 sister, reads, draws, paint, long boarding, biking

Spring play 3 yrs.


1st place for 2 paintings (no state due to covid)

Dance team 3 yrs.

Color guard captain

Ref's soccer rec program

Loves to volunteer

Univ. Minnesota (interior design)

Claudia-LLHS--1st meeting

Happy Bucks

-Tom V. -Feels like Ken…LUCKY!....He won lotto for tickets for game on Saturday


-Dr. Jim Wishau- first Moderna COVID Vaccine last week.  Hospital at Phase 1a--healthcare workers and frontline workers.  None to be released except 1A.  Next up over 75 and over 65 with co-morbidities. Fort Hospital to be done with 1A group by next week. 


-Ed Heimstreet-

-Yesterday Foundation meeting--1st time we are above $100k for endowment ($110006.33)! 

-vaccinated on Friday. Nursing homes being vaccinated. 

-appreciates the High School Choir efforts forr

-neighbor watching Mom again




Pam Streich (3 wks. Ago)

Sandy M-5 yr. anniversary

Janine-3 yr. anniversary

CLUB BUSINESS - Announcements and committee reports

Ed shared the Lake Mills High School Choir Virtual Holiday during lunch.

Unfinished business

-Monday @ 7am-Board Meeting at City Hall--all are welcome to attend (no secrets)

 -Gerard will be attending Grant program

-Ed suggested Gerard look at getting a matching grant for $1500 for Dean Sanders Memorial


-Ed and Dr. Jim Wishau - Foundation update….501c3

-1st time we are above $100k for endowment ($110,006.33)!

-Foundation will be offering full scholarship

-Due to Passing of Dean Sanders --VACANCY on the Board

-Janine nominated to replace Dean on the Board (up for election)

-nominations open until next week.

-Dean Sanders Memorial Fund -waiting for board decision on how to use. Donations can be made to Lake Mills Rotary Foundation (501c3)


-$1500 donations from Lori Sanders--for Dean Sanders Memorial

-wants spent on kids in community rather than offered as scholarship


Mick recommended that Rotary Club also name one of our Rotary Scholarships after Dean…reviewing with the board for approval


Ken Stetson-"Travel Log"

5yrs. Ago had chance to go to South Africa with his son to see Natural Habitats.


12 hr. flight to London on the largest plane in the world…AirBus 360 (560 passengers!) then to Johannesburg, South Africa


Shared a slide show of beautiful photographs of wildlife.

Impalas/Ostrich/Hippos/Elephants/WartHogs/Water Buffalo/Giraffes/Zebras/Rhino/Lions/Tigers (and bears oh my…jkjk)/Leopards/Cheetahs


Got to pet the 1-3 month old cubs


Walking w/Lions--carrying a BIG pointed stick.  Reminded to Stay behind them. Got to watch them feed raw meat to the lions.


Shared interesting facts…

-Saw nearby slums containing over 15000 people.  Very sad!

-Wild Elephants were trained to play soccer and one even ate an apple off the top of Ken's head!

-Hippos weigh around 2200 lbs and have 21" tusks

-Water Buffalo are beautiful and strong…..also very smelly!  Also very aggressive, weigh over 3000 lbs. and have been known to tip over Jeeps.  Tourists were warned to stay very still and not provoke!
-Rhinos are one of the most endangered species in Africa.  Poachers kill them for their horns…Horns thought to be an aphrodisiac.  Poachers are shot and killed!

Meeting adjourned 1:00pm

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