Day Meeting Minutes - 4/20/21

Mick opened the meeting at the Pyramid Event Venue at 12:15pm and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance followed with the Four-Way Test.



Student Rotarians

Happy Bucks

  • Mick - Turkey hunting with his son Barrett over the weekend
  • Jim W - His mother starts the first of 17 radiation treatments today
  • Brian W - Daughter is moving to lake mills and is involved in the family business
  • Ed - Neighbor for watching his mom




Greg - 12 years rotarian

Nicole - 3 years rotarian

Ann Lee birthday today

CLUB BUSINESS - Announcements and committee reports

  • Fun facts about student rotarians
    • Hannah - was in a commercial for her Dads work  and flew out to new york for it
    • Henry - has 98% hearing loss in left ear
    • Carter - Passed a milestone of returning $125,000 worth of jewelry back to the community their their finding lost stuff business
  • Meals
    • Board has discussed switching to BIA for all meals.  Now that we have a home in Pyramid and BIA is able to serve us directly from their kitchen, it would make sense to use them going forward
      • Pam moves to use BIA as the sole provider.  2nd by Janine.  
    • Discussion - Denny suggested it was working well with two vendors
    • Motion to switch to BIA as sole provider passed unanimously
  • Cow Project
    • The board would like to partner with Dr Kazi and further our contribution to the cow project
  • COVID precautions
    • Board discussed resuming some of our old practices.  Examples: Pig donations set up in the back of the room.  Use of name badges.  Singing happy birthday.  Joker draw. Birthday raffle.
  • Hanging Basket Sale - We have a signup for helping unload the truck.  It will occur on May 4th in the morning.  
  • Monday is the Rotary Foundation Meeting.  The meeting is open to a member at large to attend from the general rotary membership.  Let Mick know if you would like to attend
Rick Thomas - WFAW-WSJY Radio - Hosts a morning radio show
He has many family connections to Lake Mills through both his parents and his sister.  
His dad was a broadcaster so radio has been in his family for a long time and operated stations out of two rivers and manitowoc.
Rick got a degree in journalism from marquette and then got a job in rockford in video editing and commercial advertising.  He then transitioned into shooting video, and then writing scripts.  
Later he became a freelancer and moved his work to madison where he became involved with larger productions and more crew.  One of his clients was Blains Farm and Fleet, including writing, producing, and editing their tv and radio advertisements.  For 10 years, he was the voice of Blains Farm and Fleet.  Subway was another larger client. 
He was connected with the radio show on WFAW out of fort atkinson and was asked to host the show after the previous host retired.  The three stations in Fort were purchased by Magnum Media who own many other stations throughout the state.  
He does music, local news, and interviews on his show.    

Meeting adjourned 1:00pm

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