Day Meeting Minutes - 08/10/2021

 Brian Watson opened the meeting at the Pyramid Event Venue at 12:15pm and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance followed with the Four-Way Test
Lake Mills Rotary Meeting Agenda
Pyramid Event Venue
  1.  Call meeting to order.  12:15 pm
  2. Pledge of allegiance / 4 way test
  3. Joker draw – how many cards are left? only 8 remaining  $202 Pot
    1. #746-Dr. Wishau ---Joker lives
  4. Introduction of visiting Rotarians and guests
    1. Dan L. visiting from Jacksonville, IL.  family has been vacationing in Lake Mills for over 65 years at Woodland Lake
    2. Tom Evensen – transfer is final
  5. Happy bucks and fines
    1. none!
  6. Birthdays & Rotary anniversaries - none
  7. Correspondence and announcements
    1. Reminder Tuesday 8/18th Highway cleanup
    2. Oct 9th 5K fun run – need runners – benefits Rock River Health Coalition (maybe scavenger hunt, too)​​​​​​​
    3. Reminder – District Governor here 8/31st – Board meeting at 11am that day.
      1. Our local Foundation election is in two weeks – 8/24th.  Ed will run again if Nominated as treasurer.   Nicole Nominated as treasurer. 
    4. Last evening I went to the burger and brat fry that the Jefferson club hosts each year.  I got involved in this when we had a business in Jefferson. Huge fundraiser; sell 250 tickets @$100.  Payout is $10,000 – top four tickets split for $2,500@. 
  8. Old Business
    1. A big thank you goes out to Brian B. for taking the City sign down south of town and taking it to the sign guy
  9. Committee reports
    1. ​​​​​​​Pam Streich update on playground-City council vote next Tuesday.  Can meet deadline for sale price on Lori Sanders is very appreciative and grateful!
  10. Speaker – Tom Vinz's Guest/​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dr. Don Buchstein-Tom's neighbor
    • knows Dr. Fauci....used to run with him at Conferences
    • practiced in Watertown 20 yrs.+
    • Allergist/immunologist
    • 150-200 peer reviewed articles
    • 100 clinical studies
    • CDC committee for pediatric COVID
      • reviews 100 articles/month
      • massive amount of research being done!
      • things in Science can change rapidly
      • not in a good place right now with COVID with the new Delta Variant
      • huge increase in unvaccinated, especially in adolescents
      • understands Vaccine hesitancy or concern-right approach is more education and data analysis
    • Juvenile vaccination emergency approval coming in next week or so for Pfizer--efficacy is even better for adolescents than has been for adults. 
    • Moderna submitted for approval and J& J
    • Enormous amount of resource went into vaccine production.  MRna has been in development for over 20 years.
    • FDA process is typically 3 years. Beaurocracy slows things down.  
    • Patient advocacy groups help educate in underserved areas 
    • Q-What do you say to people who are talking about the vaccinated and the delta variant....told you it didn't work?
    • A-Alpha was pretty infectious.  Delta is much more infectious.  Can carry the virus and not know you are sick...even if vaccinated.  Every study shows that kids do better with masks than adults do! 
      • 85-90% of teachers are vaccinated
      • Gamma variant exists in other countries
      • 98% of physicians are vaccinated
      • be careful reading info. online--85% of medical info. is not 100% accurate. and about 50% is JUST FALSE. 
      • VAERS report -- studying reactions to vaccines -randomized double blind studies--vary rare 1 in 1,000,000.  PEG
    • Q-What if you get COVID.  What are complications or high risk....
    • A-Pregnancy is one of the highest risk classes.  Both mother and infant at risk
    • COPD
    • allergies and asthma patients seem to do better than expected if infected
    • Q-Are we prepared?
    • A-could have been more prepared. Medical Community is marshalling to get more prepared.  
    • Q-Should I be wearing a mask around kids?
    • A-Definitely if unvaccinated!  If no symptoms, not needed to wear a mask, especially outdoors.  
    • Q-Long term effects of COVID
    • A-long Hauler in younger patients more long term effects.  Bad smell, can't eat, 
    • crosses the blood brain barrier.  one study suggests early Alzheimer's. 
    • Dr. Wishau educates his clients....Why should be more afraid of the disease and not the vaccine. 
    • Low take rate for 12-17 yr. olds in Wisconsin.  
    • Q-Hesitancy/Concerns about vaccination
    • A-Trust is huge! 
    • Q-Is a 3rd dose necessary
    • A-Studies underway to see what is effective and for whom  
  11. Meeting adjourned 1:00pm
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