Day Meeting Minutes - 4/30/19

Ann Lee opened the meeting at the Lake Mills EMS building at 12:20pm and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance followed with the Four-Way Test.


Carol Heimstreet

Student Rotarians


Happy Bucks

  • Scott E– Home runs last night at the brewer game

    Dave – Son bought his first car

    Tom – Froggers group, sat next to Aaron Johnson, a former rotarian.

    Pam – Thank you to rotary for donation to Interact / Puerto Rico project

    Greg – Morning Magazine morning radio program on

    Ann – Mary Price wanted her to announce that she gives herself credit for launching

  • Greg Renz’s carrier, saw Billy Joel Friday night, volleyball tournament, and fake baby her son had to take care of over the weekend

    Jenn – Glad that fake baby is back at school and not at home (school project), son won a 3v3 tournament in Cambridge, this weekend her daughter is doing another half marathon this weekend, Jenn has a new job insurance with a different company

    Aaron – Fake baby also at his house, also saw Billy Joel

    Mick – On vacation

    Ed – Saw 35 events at the state solo ensemble over the weekend



Aaron – Fine paper this week


Janine – Fine


Ann – Fine picture in paper



Dave R

Joker Draw

- Birthday Raffle - Janine & Dennis

Committee Reports and Announcements

  • Board Meeting Updates
    • Ken S has stepped down from the concession stand this year.  Jenn has agreed to take over the role.
    •  Donation Requests
      • $250 chamber of commerce parade sponsor
      • $500 to fireworks
      • $400 Match kens match to interact
      • $1000 Change Her Story Ghana project education about womens health
        • Motion by Ed, 2nd by Ken, Motion Passed
      • World Affairs Seminar - no students have asked to go
      •  Silent auction basket Lake Mills theme to the district conference of rotary
    • Meal Packaging Project - Suggested by Ken
      • This is also happening on May 11th at Jefferson Co Fair Grounds
  • Scholarships - Given out soon, students have been selected
  • Post Prom
    • Saturday night - need volunteers and donations for door prizes
    • Desserts are needed - if you can make something bring it to Countryside Jewelry on Saturday morning
  • Hanging Baskets
    • Farmers market May 8th - need someone to get the baskets from store, and bring them to the market, and back again.  Brian W can't be there.
Alison - Jefferson Co Chapter Leader of the Citizens Climate Lobby
Organization was founded by Marshall Saunders, a distinguished Rotarian.  
Involves direct lobbying of politicians to benefit climate change.
What makes a good solution? -
drives large scale change
uses incentives that support choice
fair and "sticky"
healthy for the planet and economy
We need a Government Policy - Carbon Fee and Dividend Policy.  Dividend Check would go back to the consumer.
Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act - HR763 - Bipartisan Climate Solution is already in the works.


Meeting adjourned 1:15pm

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