Day Meeting Minutes - 06/11/24

Lake Mills Rotary Agenda: 06.11.2024, Pyramid Event Venue
12 pm
  • President, Jenny McAdow
    • Good Afternoon & Happy Tuesday!
  • Welcome to Rotary-Pledge of allegiance and 4-way test
  • Welcome all Visiting Rotarians, Guests, Zoomers
    • Alissa Radcliffe is a guest of Anita. This was her second Rotary Meeting of the day, as she is a Cottage Grove Rotarian.
    • Art Drake has been a Rotarian of 40+ years. He lives in Illinois but owns a house on Rock Lake. He intends to attend some meetings this summer.
    • James, Jay, Nicole, and Zach are attending via Zoom.
  • Happy Bucks and fines
    • Jenny had an impromptu garage sale at their house. It was successful!
    • Greg has been writing and working on proof of his publisher. He presented the cover of the new book. It looks great.
    • Ed mentioned that tomorrow at Pyramid Event Venue there will be a High School Musical Showcase.
    • Andy’s son got evaluated for his Irish Dance and moved up two levels.
    • Beth accomplished Trek 100 in the rain! It was still a great time. She is also camping this weekend.  
    • Anita over the past weekend cleaned out their home and brought items that are not being used to the Waste Management organization that was put on through Jefferson County.
  • Birthdays/Anniversaries
    • Birthday Raffle
    • Birthdays
      • Holly Swain 06/10
      • Carol Watson 06/11
      • John Black 06/12
    • Anniversaries
      • None
  • President-Jenny McAdow
    • 12:30 pm Calendar Raffle
      • Ticket #001 $100
      • Ticket #036
      • Ticket #190
      • Ticket #293
      • Ticket #222
    • Club Business and announcements
      • Wednesday, June 12th Rotary President Luncheon at Madison Rotary Club
      • Tuesday, June 25th Sue Trepte of Haus of Peace is looking for volunteers from 5:00pm through 8:00pm for Stuff the Squad @ Real Hope Church (more details 920-285-7179). They are collecting donations of consumable household items (gas gift cards, toiletries, trash bags, paper towels, sanitizing wipes, etc.). 
  • Committee Reports
    • Concession stand update
      • Opportunity to help at Wallace Park for the Windmill Softball Tournament. They are looking for volunteers this Friday and Saturday from 3:00pm through 8:00pm. This pays $100 per shift. We could make $400 for Rotary! 
      • Andy has signed up to be there until 6:00pm Friday. If anyone could cover until 8:00pm that would be wonderful. We are looking for volunteers to fill this.
    • Parade
      • The parade is on Saturday, June 29th at 10:30am. The set-up for the parade will begin at 9:00am at East Lake Park Place. Please try to come and support our Rotary Club. Rotary will be in front of the parade, by Brian, who is serving as the Parade Marshal.
Program Speaker: Tom Dickson, Professional Outreach, AA Program
Tom is a retired lawyer, attends Alcohol Anonymous, and has been sober for over 30 years.
Alcoholism is such a broad issue, and it is likely that all families are impacted in some way. He mentioned that while watching ESPN at 7:00am advertising is largely alcohol based. This is not aimed at the moderate drinker, but those who have addictions.
Addictions are genetic. When Tom was in addiction, he had no idea how he was supposed to “be”. A lot of alcoholics don’t understand how to function in the world. Then when you have that drink, you think that you “understand” and can feel comfortable in everyday settings. The compulsion to use is often to offset the emotional discomfort and emotional turmoil that is being felt. It is linked to mental health issues.
Society tells us just do not to drink. An alcoholic needs to drink, and rationality is not there. The justification that develops over the years is something that grows. You tell yourself that you can just have one at a party, only on special occasions, do not drink hard liquor. It’s an irrational disease, those who do not suffer from addiction do not understand.
How do you decide to stop drinking? Typically, there must be a bottom whether it be losing your job, losing relationship, or injuring yourself or others. There is often a lifelong struggle, commitment and failure on a loop, until that drastic event happens.
There are 12 steps to recovery:
  1. Admitting powerlessness over the addiction
  2. Believing that a higher power (in whatever form) can help
  3. Deciding to turn control over to the higher power
  4. Taking a personal inventory
  5. Admitting to the higher power, oneself, and another person the wrongs done
  6. Being ready to have the higher power correct any shortcomings in one’s character
  7. Asking the higher power to remove those shortcomings
  8. Making a list of wrongs done to others and being willing to make amends for those wrongs
  9. Contacting those who have been hurt, unless doing so would harm the person
  10. Continuing to take personal inventory and admitting when one is wrong
  11. Seeking enlightenment and connection with the higher power via prayer and meditation
  12. Carrying the message of the 12 Steps to others in need
Tom stated the importance of making help more available to those who need help. There are very limited treatment options for people that are affordable and encompassing for all. If you have a lot of money, there is plenty of help and comfortable settings. Often someone struggling with alcohol only has a moment of “I can’t do this anymore”, and that is when help needs to readily available because that moment will not last. Deaths caused by alcoholism are horrible, and suffering. Losing mental health, physical health, and a lot of pain.
Ed asked if college turns people into alcoholics. Tom said, he doesn’t believe that college makes people alcoholics, as many leave college and “grow up” and function in everyday life. Those with alcoholism are predisposed due to genetics.
MAICO (Tom’s suggestion for someone who needs help):
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