Day Meeting Minutes - 02/21/2023 


Lake Mills Rotary Meeting Agenda:

2/21/2023, Pyramid 

Good Afternoon and Welcome to Rotary

Pledge of allegiance and 4 way test

  • Scott Irwin mentioned that Chief Todd was considered on service. The State will be helping us with his service because of this. Many departments want to honor Todd’s passing. They will be saluting him at the end of his ceremony. Scott was hired by Todd 20 years ago. He was surprised and glad to join the Fire Department. Between Todd and Mark, Scott always felt safe at a fire seen because of their management. It was the best place he ever worked. 

Moment of Silence for Chief Todd Yandre


  1. Visiting Rotarians, Guests / Speaker, Zoomers

    1.  Emily introduced the guest. The speaker of the day. 


Happy Bucks and Fines

  • Greg mentioned that when he moved to town he met Todd and was invited into the fire house to be shown around. Todd was so proud of this community, his crew, and family. He has met a lot of leaders and he can’t say that he has met a leader more dedicated than Todd Yandre. He is filled with a deep sense of sadness and loss for our community. Please show your respects for Todd this weekend. 

  • Gerard has missed about a month and a half of meetings. Of course, this is a sad one to come back to. He had such care and concern for this community. Gerard was also at Pyramid Event Venue last night for Solo and Ensemble night. It was PACKED. 

  • Beth is back from vacation and Beth’s oldest daughter is currently visiting. 

  • Ed mentioned that the Fire Department does so much more than just tending to fire emergencies. They keep our community safe in a variety of ways. He touched his as his father fell through the ice. They did all that they could to save him. They are heroic leaders, especially Todd. This Saturday Ed is going to Poynette to watch the kids perform for Solo and Ensemble. 


Student Rotarians

  1. February

    1. Sheel Gupta LM FF He has been in 12 schools in his 17 years of life. 

    2. Tommy Stewart LM FF His name is Thomas Steuart the third. 

    3. Grace Korth LS FF He donated a piece of Artwork to the Children's Hospital. 

    4. Jenna Shadoski LS FF Has been to 6 different countries. 


Birthdays / Anniversaries

  1. February Birthdays

    1. Jenn Christian February 2

    2. Kim Peterson Feb 5

    3. Dan Sanft February 9

    4. Andy Barnes Feb 18

    5. Jennifer Jeschke February 20

    6. Nicole Froehle February 21

    7. Dan McCabe Feb 21


Committee Reports or Announcements

  • Public Image Committee - Raina is challenging everyone to invite at least 10 friends to the Facebook Page so that we expand our reach. 

  • Speakers - Janine mentioned that they need some more speakers for the month of March, other than the night time meeting. 

  • Calendar Raffle - Raina is picking up calendar raffle tickets today which will be passed out throughout the week and at the next meeting. If you would like tickets dropped off at your house that can be arranged. Please reach out to Jenn Christian ( or Raina ( 


Club Business

  1. New Member Applications

    1. Rob Lewis - Ready for Induction

  2. Any interest in Rotary Youth Exchange after presentation last week from Jan (Ken, Tonya, Ed)

  3. Meal ordering coordinator

  4. Play Dean Sanders memorial playground video 



PATTY JACKSON How to Build a Mindset that Supports Progress and Peace of Mind

Her heart is full as she sees what Rotary Club of Lake Mills does. 

She lives in the Hartland Area of Wisconsin and is a life coach. Life coaches give you a minute to learn more about yourself and listen to how you feel. For this meeting, she is encouraging the club to take a deep breath, look within, relax, and think about your needs. 

When coaching she gets to the mindset level. She uses multiple backgrounds and experiences to help people to get to know themselves, and shine brightly, and help to be more clear. Many people know they need more, but know what is going on or how to get there. No one is broken or needs fixing. This is a normal human feeling. 

She is sharing tools to build a mindset that supports progress and peach of mind. Mindset are thoughts that you think over and over again. They help us to navigate through the world, but can be challenging in new situations. 

Three Mindsets

  • Unclear Mindset - Unclear of what to do and you feel heavy. 

  • Clear Mindset - You have taken a deep breath and are kind with yourself. 

  • Conflicted Mindset - I want, but I do not want. You can feel it in your shoulders and are carrying stress. 

When we are in an unclear and stressed mindset there are a lot of “I don’t know” and "worry" thoughts. You are heavy, unsure how to feel, and can not be clear to support yourself or others. You want to be clear so that you can have clarity from within. When you are clear you have genuine support and you can trust yourself. When you are clear you can enjoy your life around you and have genuine interactions. 


How do you get from one mindset to another? 

You start by breathing. This helps the emotions move from you. You can fight feelings or breathe through feelings. This is how you move forward and grow. 

Recently Patty was working with a non-profit professional. She works with farmers and supports them.  Just a couple of miles away from her there was a shooting at the farm. This professional knew that she was called to help with the situation, but was terrified of public speaking, which she would need to do in order to help with this. Patty worked with this professional by using a “Clear Inner Focus Table”. A tool that helps you to better understand your thoughts. 

With this tool, you record things you do not want to be thinking, feeling or experiencing.

The professional wrote down that she doesn’t want to feel bad, but when thinking more clearly she didn’t want to feel overwhelmed or inadequate. She realized she did not want to hurt others with what she said. She also remembered that her teacher mentioned she would not be a good writer, which still holds her back.

With each of these negative feelings, you then start to think of how you wish you would feel in a magical world. How would you rather be thinking, feeling, and experiencing.  The purpose of this is to change your mindset and become more clear about your feelings, stressors, and have a clear purpose. 


In a magical world, the professional wanted to feel shiny, peaceful, powerful, joyful, and helpful. She wanted to feel prepared for public speaking. She then realized that in order to do this, it was that she needed to start with talking to the mayor. 

This sort of mindset changing is not something that happens overnight. A mindset is like a muscle that needs to be exercised. Patty invited us to work on this exercise using something that is a stressor for us. 

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