Day Meeting Minutes - 02/28/2023


Lake Mills Rotary Meeting Agenda:

2/28/2023, Pyramid 

Good Afternoon and Welcome to Rotary

Pledge of allegiance and 4 way test


  1. Visiting Rotarians, Guests / Speaker, Zoomers

    1. Barb K - Guest to our club

    2. Janelle K - Guest to our club who turned in an application

    3. Paula - former rotary club member of Madison

    4. Sue M - Guest Speaker   

    5. Megan Christian 


Happy Bucks and Fines

  • Ed- Attended the funeral service for Todd, and it was a touching service. He was happy to be part of the service. Also, Ed attended Solo and Ensemble over the weekend. Lake Mills did very well. ⅓ of the events are going to state. Lastly, Lake Mills and Lakeside both got gold star ratings. 

  • Andy- His friend's daughter was diagnosed with diabetes. Since then they have been having fundraisers to raise awareness. This year she has raised $10,000. 

  • Janine - Last weekend she went to up north and went fat tire biking for the first time. If there is a light snowfall it is very slippery! It was very humbling! 

  • Jenny - Saw Brian Watson fixing something up downtown wearing a rotary smock. 

  • Jenn - Amy and Jen’s son played in the Dells for basketball and won the championship. Megan graduated from training last week. She was tied for top graduate! Also, the calendar raffle tickets are ready. 

  • Raina- Gave a happy buck for Pam Streich. Monica Yandre says thank you for all of the kind words and support regarding Todd’s passing. Raina was at the service and said it was very touching. It really showed that yes, Todd was a dedicated firefighter, but he was a FAMILY MAN and really lived for his family. It was beautiful. Please watch it to honor Todd 


Student Rotarians

  1. February

    1. Sheel Gupta LM 4WT

    2. Tommy Stewart 4WT

    3. Grace Korth LS 4WT

    4. Jenna Shadoski LS 4WT


Birthdays / Anniversaries

  1. February Birthdays

    1. Jenn Christian February 2

    2. Kim Peterson Feb 5

    3. Dan Sanft February 9

    4. Andy Barnes Feb 18

    5. Jennifer Jeschke February 20

    6. Nicole Froehle February 21

    7. Dan McCabe Feb 21


Committee Reports or Announcements


Club Business

  1. New Member Applications

    1. Rob Lewis - Ready for Induction

    2. Wayne Garnell - Ready for Induction

  2. Amy - the concert event has a name now, “Music in the Mills!”

  3. Any interest in Rotary Youth Exchange after presentation last week from Jan (Ken, Tonya, Ed)

  4. Meal ordering coordinator

Upcoming Dates

  1. Feb 28 - Sue M Discussing the David Gallup Foundation 


Sue is here to discuss the David Gallup Foundation. A non-profit established in 2014. It is a sober living facility for women. Sue shared that she is in long-term recovery herself and is 30 years sober. She is in a long line of recovery, and is a first generation in recovery. She comes from a long line of addiction. 


Addition is a mental health concern. People don’t understand this. They may think of addiction as a criminal concern, or a moral failing. What it is, is an obsession and compulsion and a brain disorder. When dealing with an alcohol addiction you have an obsession to use and then once you take a drink, you can’t stop due to compulsion. There is a lot of shame within addiction as people do not want to hurt their family. 


What helped Sue with her addiction was thinking of it like a parasite. The parasite has an ultimate goal to kill you like cancer does. She had to tell herself to stop feeding it. Some people are not able to recover. It is hard for her to understand. She doesn't know what that magic moment is that helps get people sober, but helps to hope people find it. For her, she drove her car into a tree at full speed, and from that point forward she was done. 


Sue has a lot of empathy for families who go through addiction as it is heartbreaking. She understands that she doesn’t have any power and control over others' diseases, but it took her time to find that. She had a hard case where a young man died of an opioid addiction that overtook him after a back surgery. This is what nudged her in the direction of recovery. She wanted to help those with no money and needed a place to go for help. She was very passionate about having a place that is open to everyone despite their financial status. 6 years after this, she bought a home, started a non-profit, and opened her doors to those wanting to recover. The generational effects of addiction are profound. Because she has dealt with addiction she is able to understand those who are dealing with the same struggles. Women have unique social economic issues that are unique to them. Many have children and don’t have the capacity to let's say “leave their children for a sober living facility” or “afford to get help for themselves as they are caring for their children''. 


Sue mentioned that she was not prepared for all that would come, but especially the level of trauma that so many had when they walked through her door. Not only are these women dealing with addiction and consumption, but also anxiety, PTSD, and depression. There are so many aspects of your life that are affected by addiction. Sue doesn’t want her facility to be anonymous as they want the women staying there to be active in the community. After completing the program the women are encouraged to get local jobs. Sue said that when she was in her addiction, work helped her to feel more confident and combat her addiction. 


Sue ended by saying we are just human beings. Support and show positive energy towards those who need help. Be aware and educate yourself. A woman who can make it 6 months sober, is more likely to stay sober, a year and they often can stay sober. They are looking to expand and looking for a house to lease. She mentioned that women in recovery take very good care of things as they are able to care for things that they were not mentally able to in the past. 


How do you deal with a concerned family? Show up for those who are suffering. Acknowledge that it’s hard. Educate yourself on what addiction truly is. Sue often refers family members to alcohol anonymous so they discuss supporting family members with addiction. Support for family is needed and should be more available. 


Where do you get your support? Jefferson County has helped in the past, they have held bowling fundraisers, they apply to local grant opportunities, working concessions at Badger Games. Sue does not have a lot of business experience and would love marketing and business help. She is so proud that they have been able to keep their doors open. 


Is there a point where someone should intervene? Sue has helped people host interventions with family members. In this you sit down with family and share their concerns and show their love. Sometimes those who get intervened upon do end up going to treatment, sometimes it doesn’t work. She recommends setting boundaries and showing expressions of love. 


What are some of your successes and failures? One of her staff members is 8 years sober TODAY! When she looks back at the women she has helped, she feels like her successes are women getting back into society, living normal lives, leaving the legal system, and gaining custody of their children . Failures include the death of a patient of which she was close to the family. The family said she was so thankful for the time she had that she was sober at the house.

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