Day Meeting Minutes - 

Ann Lee opened the meeting at the Lake Mills EMS building at 12:20pm and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance followed with the Four-Way Test.


Andrea K with Scott Tellefson
Mrs Heimstreet - Eds Mom
Student Rotarians
none in attendance

Happy Bucks

  • Mick - going on vacation fishing this weekend
  • Jenn - Husbands grandma passed away last week, and they made it through a challenging week
  • Greg - June 15 at Lewis Station Winery - talking about the book.  Was on a morning television show last friday. Book launch at Boswell Books.  120 guests, standing room only.  They sold out of hard covers that night.  It was a wonderful time
  • Jim W - Back from vacation in England
  • Amy - Last week of school, her son was happy when he found out he is going to 5th grade
  • Karen - Last night worked the stand at rotary park. It was very busy.  
  • Ed - For the services at the school and cemetery, and the graduation ceremony
  • Mike S - Daughters competed in D1 state track, and set personal records.  Another daughter graduated 8th grade
  • Scott E - Worked the concession stand with Reimers
  • Janine - Mother diagnosed with uterine cancer, but it brought the family together.  Surgery went well.  She then went to a destination wedding!  Youngest son in baseball had a walk off grand slam.  Her other son graduates 8th grade on thursday. 
  • Mike - Exceeded fundraising goal for canine, now over $40,000.  
  • Ann - graduation parties over the weekend, sons traveling baseball team played their first game last night and won.  Neighbor got a new puppy, which gave Ann her "puppy fix"




Karen R, Mitch E.

Birthday Raffle: Brian W

Joker Draw

Greg R did not pull the joker!

Committee Reports and Announcements

  • TY note received from Cala Borchert
  • TY note received from Lakeside Lutheran
  • TY note received from Pam S for donation to interact club
  • TY note received from Rob Goetz for tree planting projects
  • TY note received from Madison Rotary for "Changing Her Story"
  • Board Meeting: Rock Lake Activity Center needs donations for flooring for the main gym.  They need $4000.  The board wanted to support it
    • Much discussion ensued about the center and the floor
      • Motion to donate $4000 Nicole, 2nd by Brian B
      • Motion carried unanimously
  • Induction of Bryce Krull will not take place and membership is not approved.
  • Rotary day at the mallards June 22nd for $27, all you can eat and drink
  • Cheese chocolate and wine meeting tonight
  • Hanging Baskets 6 left
Steve Wilke's guest is Brandon Herbert - city engineer who has been working on the technical design of sandy beach boat launch.  Their goal is to maintain all current activities at sandy beach but also make it as safe and environmentally friendly as possible.  
- Better drainoff from parking lot
- Less cross traffic between beach goers and the trucks/trailers.
- Includes tornado shelter for the trailer park
- Substantial changes were made after public input
- Phase 1 involves moving the boat launch to the west side of the beach.  
- The boat launch parking lot was changed after public feedback to use less picnic space and to not add traffic to home owners adjacent to the lot
- This is just a brief summary, please contact the city for full information regarding the boat launch reconstruction. 

Meeting adjourned 1:15pm

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